Carters Pencil, c1930, turquoise & black, 5 1/16 inches, please note that the top portion

of the clip has been pushed inside the barrel (see pic), clip is tight, gold plating almost

completely worn off nose cone, full original eraser, pencil works great, coloring and

surface condition excellent, VG+, $75, Item # CA381






Parker Flattop Lady Duofold, c1925, Red Hard Rubber, 4 9/16 inches closed, rm of

 brassing around lower edge of cap band, smooth Fine Parker Pen nib w/ faint flex,

restored, Exc, $75, Item #PR243 SOLD






Parker Senior 'Big Bro' Duofold Pencil, black hard rubber, c1924, 5 9/16 inches, hard

rubber is oxidized, crown is pushed down on one side (see pics) and is also engraved,

still a beautiful pencil, original eraser, working, VG +, $45, Item #PR248



Parker Junior Duofold Pencil, red hard rubber, c1925, 5 3/16 inches, crown is very clean

 but has high point brassing to top edges, original eraser present but split, very nice pencil, working, Exc. , $55, Item #PR263





Parker Junior Duofold Pencil, jade green, c1927, 5 3/16 inches, flawless crown, original

eraser, very solid piece, works great, Exc+ , $45, Item #PR270



Parker Streamline Lady Duofold Pencil, jade, c1930, 4 11/16 inches, Parker imprint on

barrel, original eraser is hard and worn, working, Exc, $35, Item # PR216




Sheaffer 3-25 Flattop R/T Fountain Pen, c1927, 4 1/2 inches closed, clean pen, smooth Fine firm nib, restored, Exc+, $70, Item #SH245





Sheaffer Gold Filled Flattop R/T Fountain Pen, c1925, 3 3/4 inches closed, notable brassing to the posting end, otherwise a nice looking pen w/ no other flaws, smooth Fine firm later #3 Sheaffer nib, restored, VG+, $50, Item #SH262








Sheaffer 5-30 Flattop Fountain Pen, c1927, 4 7/16 inches closed, clean pen, excellent

 coloring, smooth firm Fine 5-30 nib, restored, Exc+, $100, Item #SH237









Unknown Fountain Pen, c1932, 4 3/8 inches closed, darling pen, great quality, likely made by Gold Bond, clean trim, engraved 'Gaylord', smooth firm Medium nib, restored, Exc, $100, Item #UK314





Wahl Sub-Brand Fountain Pen (perhaps Monitor or Paramount), BHR, stub oversize

model, 5 1/16 inches closed, no maker's mark on pen, pen is oxidized, note the round

dark area on the back of the cap - there must have been an round sticker over this area

 for a long time, no damage, smooth #5 Wahl nib, nib produces a Broad wet line, mild flex,

 restored, $100, Item #WL462